WenXin International Company is a Hong Kong based trading company dedicated to providing fun & educational toy products to children from around the global. Our company was established in 2015, and we are one of the fastest growing enterprises in the industry.

We provide all kinds of toy products ranging from block toys and DIY toys to baby toys and plush toys. In addition, our team can assist you in service like OEM program, product design as well as product development. By utilizing our extensive network of business associates and supplier’s contacts in Mainland China, we are able to offer quality products at great prices.

At WenXin, we work extremely hard to ensure the quality of our products, while keeping the prices at a good level. We are a team of skilled, experienced professionals with a deep commitment to integrity and responsibility. With our crew working tirelessly and relentlessly every day, we achieve excellent customer satisfaction that helps us maintain a strong and cordial business relationship with our clients worldwide.

Choosing to partner with WenXin will certainly be one of the greatest decisions you have ever made. Please feel free to select the products you like in our product book and send us your enquiry. We cannot wait to help you achieve new heights and attain greater success for your business in the near future.


  • Handling of all documents for import, export and shipping.
  • Consolidate all goods from factories in Mainland China.
  • Provide sourcing services to buyers.
  • Constant quality control by staff and agents.
  • Take full responsibility of production and export operations.
  • Deliver samples to customers upon request.
  • Provide detailed quotations to customers.
  • Provide OEM services to buyers.

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